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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is $50 per child.  This is less than half the price of other leagues out there!

Games are primarily played Saturday mornings between 8am and noon.  Some games may occur on a weeknight, but this is EXTREMELY rare.

Our primary game location for soccer, flag football and some baseball games is at Nichols Park (map), but games may be moved to backup locations at the MYS game field at  Ellsworth & Elliott (map) or to Gateway Polytechnic Academy (map).  Volleyball is played at American Leadership Academy Mesa (map) and Basketball is played at Gateway Polytechnic Academy (map).

Gilbert Youth Sports does not provide practice locations or times.  All teams must find their own times and locations for practices.  This is generally decided by the coach.  Because teams are organized by location, practices are typically close to your home.

Most teams practice once a week for one hour.  The most popular practice days are Thursdays and Tuesdays.  Most practices fall between 4pm and 6:30pm.

Your child will be provided with a jersey and, in baseball, a hat.  You are responsible to provide your child with shorts/athletic pants and shoes that are appropriate for your sport.  You are also responsible for providing your child with safety equipment (mouthguards for basketball and flag football, shin guards for soccer, knee pads for volleyball and gloves for baseball).

Your child will play between 6-9 games per season depending on the sport.

Your child will receive a medal and an end-of-season party if y our team chooses to participate.

We offer refunds up until one week prior to the start of late registration.

No, we are not the city of Gilbert.  We are a private league that accepts players from all over the valley!