Summer Volleyball Tournaments – $350/Team

Summer Volleyball Tournaments – $350/Team

We are offering three volleyball tournaments this summer!  These tournaments are open to ANY teams of ANY playing level.  These are not seasons but separate tournaments.  These are weekend tournaments where your team will play a minimum of three games against other teams.


  • $350/team (appx $35/player)

If you don’t have a team, please sign up for our Summer Volleyball Clinic and we will assign you to a team


  • Tourney I:  June 6-7
  • Tourney II:  June 20-21
  • Tourney III:  June 12-13


We will group teams by experience level.

  • Rec/AZ Youth Sports U15
  • Rec/AZ Youth Sports U12
  • Rec/AZ Youth Sports U10
  • Club 16s
  • Club 14s
  • Club 12s
  • Club Prep 16s
  • Club Prep 14s
  • Club Prep 12s


  • Tournament locations
    • AZ Athletic Grounds (primary location)
    • Cooley Middle School (Gilbert)
    • Basis High School (Eastmark)
    • First Methodist Church of Mesa (West Mesa)


  • Must have coach and a minimum of 8 players
  • Bring your own uniforms/jerseys
  • Libero, if used, needs to have alternate color shirt
  • Numbering on back of shirt (front not required)

    We need this in order to place you in a pool of similar talent

    Please list each player's name below.  If you are still recruiting players, you can submit those to the league later

    • I understand that our team will provide our own uniforms
    • I understand that my team will be responsible to keep score and line judge some games
    • I understand that I need at least 5 players to avoid a forfeit 
    • I understand that my team will play games Friday and Saturday
    • Refunds will be honored with a minimum two week's notice before the event
    • I will keep my non-playing kids next to me at all times during games
    • I will not bring dogs to the games
    • I will not take food or drinks into gymnasiums